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Cechan specialises in the supply and manufacturing of high quality Office furniture, Office Equipment, School and Contract Furniture, as well as customised shopfitting for retail outlets or any clientele with personal preference. Cechan has good relations with all major wholesalers and manufacturers in the trade. We have been in the Office Furniture and equipment trade for 25 years and render our services to several corporate and government organizations. We are also a member of “NOPSA” (National Office Products & Stationery Association of Southern Africa).The company has a contracts division which specialises in the preparation of tenders and quotations, and the planning and design of office layouts to suit each clients particular requirements.

We are fully committed to implement affirmative procurement policies and had to expand to meet all the requirements issued by state laws. Cechan is rated as a Level 2 BEE contributor by Express Verification Services. We combine business with strong innovative (PDI’s) as can be seen on the personal addendum.